the keys: short film Trailer

Written, Directed, Produced
by Amanda B. Goodman and Seth Panman
Cinematography by Samantha Pyra

The tale of an NYC real estate agent with a haunted past,
who encounters a client who changes the entire course of his day
in this award winning Tales from the Crype-esque
short horror film

Split: The series pilot

Created by Yael Shavitt
Directed by Molly McGaughey
Cinematography by Samantha Pyra

Split is a web series is about two possible paths that one life might take.
An early decision in a young girl's life creates a split in her world, sending her off on two parallel paths into alternate futures.

Fun Fact: We had an all female production crew
We go back into production for 5 more episodes to complete Season 1 of Split late 2017.

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Human Telegraphs: The Series Pilot

Directed by Kayla Conroy
Written by Rachel Kay Barclay
Cinematography by Samantha Pyra

"A quirky female-driven webseries capturing the magic of strangers caught in unexpected intimate collisions in the big city."

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Human Telegraphs is currently in funding on Seed&Spark so
we can go into production to film 6 More Episodes for Season 1 in September 2017

new flow - album promo

Performed and Recorded Live on Set by Trevor New
Cinematography & Editing by Samantha Pyra

A live recorded performance of Violist Trevor New off his latest album "New Flow", music for yoga & meditation