Anticipated Releases for 2017!

Some of my Cinematography Works Releasing this year

Human Telegraphs : Pilot Episode

Comedy | Web Series

Human Telegraphs is High Maintenance meets Arrested Development. Struggling NYC actors Trisha, Margot, and Lily, can’t get a break. Disenchanted with trying to balance their careers and miserable service jobs, they decide to take matters into their own hands and open a ‘human-messenger’ business with the hope of raking in good money and making a name for themselves.  
Produced by Three Bright Lights Productions


You Only Die Once : The Series


Comedy | Horror | Web Series

Based off of the award winning horror/comedy short of the same name, You Only Die once tells the story of three female vampire hunters and life-long best friends living in New York City as they face off against their own personal demons and a heartbreaking one from the past all while following the motto: You Only Die Once!
Season 1 Premieres Spring 2017!


Not Ready : Short Film

Drama | 12 minute short

A woman faces an unexpected pregnancy, when others have expected her to already have 3 children and a husband by now. She comes to terms with what it means to her.
Premiering January 26 2017 at The ARGtist Monthly Short Film Challenge in NYC


Cinematography | You Only Die Once : The Series


Filming begins this November for the anticipated Series based

on the award winning horror/comedy short film "You Only Die

Once"  The story of three female vampire hunters & long-life best

friends living in New York City continues as they face off against

their own personal demons and a heartbreaking one from the

past all while following the motto: You Only Die Once!

Open Casting Call Coming Soon!

OPEN CASTING CALL COMING SOON for "Mysteries In NYC" Episodes 2 & 3 Interactive Film Series

  • New Interns,
  • New Decisions
  • New Mysteries!

We are going BIG for Episodes 2 & 3 of our Interactive series and casting 20 speaking roles!  

Episode 2 : Mystery of the Missing Taiko Drummer

Unique Roles available for Episode 2 focused around Traditional and Modern Japanese Culture

- New Photo Journalist Intern (lead role)

- Taiko Drummers

- Tea Ceremony Host

- Traditional Brush Calligrapher

- Lolita's / Kawaii Item Vendor

- Cosplayers

- Anime Artist

- Event Extras!

If you know someone that is involved in these unique skills or traits we'd love to get them involved, please share with them or have them

contact us at  { casting.mysteryNYC }

Episode 3 : Mystery of the Missing Ballots - lets get political !  We take on the voting process

- New Social Media Intern (lead role)

- Right Wing & Left Wing Politicians

- Security Guard

- Rival Newspaper Journalist

- Polling station volunteer

- Community Voters

Contact us via { casting.mysteryNYC } if interested in learning more, getting first pick at casting notifications

and staying up to date about casting information! 

Tribeca Film Festival 2016

Winner's of Runner Up and a Production Grant in Interlude's Challenge of Diversity!

What's Next?

We're excited to be partnering with Interlude to create two additional episodes of "Mysteries in NYC"!   Our Journalist will be jumping into different cultural and political events - and as she rises through the ranks she'll realize the competition between rival magazines is fierce!

I'll be Directing and Co-Creating the Series with Rose Glaeser, the writer of our pilot episode.
The Games & Media Summit was a great chance to play with such a wide range of uses for VR / Interactive and Gaming components - we can't wait to expand on our own interactive game play and uses for Mysteries in NYC!  Stay Tuned!

Many many Thanks & Congrats to the Cast and Crew of our Pilot episode!

Challenge of Diversity Finalist

"Mystery at the Art Gallery" is a selected finalist for the

Challenge of Diversity!


Play it @ Tribeca Film Festival's Games & Media Summit!

Join us April 18th 2016

As part of Tribeca Film Festival - the Games and Media Summit will be hosting panels and creating an Arcade where you can play and learn about the advances in film and game technology!   We are thrilled to be a part of Interlude's Arcade and the Challenge of Diversity competition where you can come and play our Interactive Film on their touch screens!

Winner's of the Challenge of Diversity will be announced at the event during Interlude's panel! The Panel begins at 3:10 pm

Hope to see you there!