10 Minutes | Directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez

When that voice in your head just

won't leave you alone


Dark Comedy | Drama 



21 Minutes | Directed by Kaye Tuckerman

Meeting the dream guy was easy, pretending

you also have a dream job,

not so much

Romance | Comedy 

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C0003.Still001 copy.jpg

Feeling Fleeting

10 Minutes | Directed by Alyssa Pearson

When a relationship seems to get

caught in a continuous loop

Drama | Experimental

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10 Minutes | Directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez

A tragic event leads to an unexpected group

of people to offer condolenses and support



with you for life

5 Minutes | Directed by Shannelle Riccio

A moment between a budding couple

when they realize their extent of feelings

for one another. 


Slice of Life


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high deny

9 Minutes | Directed by Miguel Garzon Martinez


Pills, Prosecco, Politics, and how a family

unites to deal with a member in distress.


Comedy | Drama

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not ready

15 Minutes | Directed by Cory Stonebrook


An unexpected pregnancy weighs on a

woman who's family and friends expected

her to start a family a long time ago. 



the Invisible Hand : Scene work

10 Minutes | Directed by Shae D'lyn

Scene Selection from the play 'The Invisible Hand' written

by Ayad Akhtar about an American Banker specializing in

the Pakistani futures market who is kidnapped by a

terrorist organization looking to protect local community interests.